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Time Delay Short Cycle Circuit Board

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Lennox 47J27 Time Delay Short Cycle Circuit Board (LB-50709BB)

SKU: 47J27 Manufacturer: Lennox

Availability: Ships same day - if ordered by 2:pm Est.

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Quick Overview
Lennox 47J27 Circuit Board

Replacement Info:

NOTE: Part 47J27 replaced 78F21 77A24 77A23 65K05 65G12 64A74 57A79 47J35 40G20 32F21 16H80 14H55 87193 38685 37716 LB-50603BA 57A7901 P-8-10238 LB-61378A LB-59600BA LB-50709BK LB-50709BB LB-50709BA 77A2401

Used in the following models:

10AC60 10HP12 10HP18 10HP24 10HP30 10HP36 10HP42 10HP48 10HP60 10HPB18 10HPB24 10HPB30 10HPB36 10HPB42 10HPB48 10HPB60 12ACB24 12ACB30 12ACB36 12ACB42 12ACB48 12ACB60 CHA15-261 CHA15-311 CHA15-313 CHP15-261 CHP15-311 CHP16-311 CHP20-261 CHP20-311 CHP20-411 CHP20-413 CHP20-511 CHP20-513 CHP20-651 CHP20-653 CHP20H-261 CHP20H-311 CHP20R-411 CHP20R-461 CHP20R-511 CHP20R-651 CHP20RV-261 CHP20RV-311 CHP20RV-411 CHP20RV-461 CHP20RV-511 CHP20RV-651 CHP20V-411 CHP20V-413 CHP20V-511 CHP20V-513 CHP20V-651 CHP20V-653 GCS20-411-100 GCS20-411-50 GCS20-411-75 GCS20-413-100 GCS20-413-50 GCS20-413-75 GCS20-511-125 GCS20-511-75 GCS20-513-125 GCS20-513-75 GCS20-651-125 GCS20-651-75 GCS20-653-125 GCS20-653-75 GCS20H-261-50 GCS20H-311-50 GCS20H-311-75 GCS20R-411-100 GCS20R-411-50 GCS20R-411-75 GCS20R-461-125 GCS20R-461-75 GCS20R-511-125 GCS20R-511-75 GCS20R-651-125 GCS20R-651-75 GCS20RV-261-50 GCS20RV-311-50 GCS20RV-311-75 GCS20RV-411-100 GCS20RV-411-75 GCS20RV-461-125 GCS20RV-461-75 GCS20RV-511-125 GCS20RV-511-75 GCS20RV-651-125 GCS20RV-651-75 GCS6-211-45A GCS6-261-45A GCS6-261-90A GCS6-311-75A GCS6-411-120A GCS6-411-75A GCS6-413-120A GCS6-413-75A GCS6-461-100A GCS6-463-100A GCS6-511-100A GCS6-511-150A GCS6-513-100A GCS6-513-150A GCS6-651-150/75A GCS6-651-150A GCS6-653-150/75A GCS6-653-150A HP17-1353 HP17-1353V HP17-953 HP17-953V HP19-211 HP19-261 HP19-311 HP19-411 HP19-413 HP19-461 HP19-463 HP19-511 HP19-513 HP19-651 HP19-653 HP20-211 HP20-261 HP20-311 HP20-411 HP20-461 HP22-211 HP22-261 HP22-311 HP22-411 HP22-461 HP22-511 HP23-141 HP23-211 HP23-261 HP23-311 HP23-411 HP23-413 HP23-461 HP23-463 HP23-511 HP23-513 HP23-651 HP23-653 HP24-141 HP24-211 HP24-261 HP24-311 HP24-411 HP24-413 HP24-461 HP24-463 HP24-511 HP24-513 HP24-651 HP24-653 HP25-211 HP25-261 HP25-311 HP25-411 HP25-413 HP25-461 HP25-463 HP25-511 HP25-513 HP25-651 HP25-653 HP26-211 HP26-261 HP26-311 HP26-411 HP26-461 HP29-018 HP29-024 HP29-030 HP29-036 HP29-042 HP29-048 HP29-060 HP29-211 HP29-261 HP29-311 HP29-411 HP29-413 HP29-461 HP29-463 HP29-511 HP29-513 HP29-651 HP29-653 HP29A-036 HP29A-048 HP29A-060 HP8-461 HP8-463 HP8-511V HP8-513V HP8-651V HP8-653V HS10-261V HS10-263V HS10-311 HS10-311V HS10-410 HS10-411V HS10-413V HS10-461V HS10-463V HS10-511V HS10-513V HS10-651V HS10-653V HS13-261V HS13-311V HS13-411V HS13-461V HS16-211V HS16-261V HS16-311V HS16-411V HS16-413V HS16-461V HS16-463V HS16-511V HS16-513V HS16-651V HS16-653V HS17-1353 HS17-1853 HS17-2753 HS17-813 HS17-953 HS18-141 HS18-211 HS18-261 HS18-263 HS18-311 HS18-411 HS18-413 HS18-461 HS18-463 HS18-653 HS19-261 HS19-311 HS19-411 HS19-413 HS19-461 HS19-463 HS19-511 HS19-513 HS19-651 HS19-653 HS20-211 HS20-261 HS20-311 HS20-411 HS20-461 HS20D-211 HS20D-261 HS20D-311 HS20D-411 HS22-211 HS22-261 HS22-311 HS22-411 HS22-461 HS22-511 HS22-651 HS23-141 HS23-211 HS23-261 HS23-311 HS23-411 HS23-413 HS23-461 HS23-463 HS23-651 HS23-653 HS24-141 HS24-211 HS24-261 HS24-311 HS24-411 HS24-413 HS24-461 HS24-463 HS24-511 HS24-513 HS24-651 HS25-211 HS25-261 HS25-311 HS25-411 HS25-413 HS25-461 HS25-463 HS25-511 HS25-513 HS25-651 HS25-653 HS26-018 HS26-024 HS26-030 HS26-036 HS26-042 HS26-048 HS26-060 HS26-211 HS26-261 HS26-311 HS26-411 HS26-461 HS26-511 HS26-513 HS26-651 HS26-653 HS27-024 HS27-030 HS27-036 HS27-042 HS29-018 HS29-024 HS29-030 HS29-030S HS29-036 HS29-036S HS29-042 HS29-048 HS29-048S HS29-060 HS29-062 HS29-062S HS29-065S HS29-211 HS29-261 HS29-311 HS29-411 HS29-413 HS29-461 HS29-463 HS29-511 HS29-513 HS29-651 HS29-653 HS29-681 HS29-683 HS30-261 HS30-311 HS30-411 HS30-461 HS30-511 HS30-651 HS32-024 HS32-030 HS32-036 HS32-042 HS32-048 HS32-060 HS40-018 HS40-024 HS40-036 HS40-048 HS40-065 HS6-1353 HS6-1353V HS6-953 HS6-953V HS9-511 HS9-513 HS9-651 HS9-653 HSXA12-018-230 HSXA12-024-230 HSXA12-030-230 HSXA12-036-230 HSXA12-036-233 HSXA12-036-463 HSXA12-036-575 HSXA12-042-230 HSXA12-048-230 HSXA12-048-233 HSXA12-048-463 HSXA12-048-575 HSXA12-060-230 HSXA12-060-233 HSXA12-060-463 HSXA12-060-575 HSXA15-024-230 HSXA15-030-230 HSXA15-036-230 HSXA15-042-230 HSXA15-048-230 HSXA15-060-230 MGCS6

Additional Information

SKU 47J27
Stock Status Ships same day - if ordered by 2:pm Est.
Manufacturer Lennox
Condition new
Product Type Time Delay Short Cycle Circuit Board
Product Ship Weight 1.0000
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